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IMPROVEMENTS * Issue keys are displayed in the schedule for linked work log entries. BUGS FIXED * The 'My Issues' list was always empty if the JIRA user name contained special symbols, such '@'.
BUGS FIXED * Bug: Synchronisation error after reporting time against a read-only (e.g closed) task [1] Links: ------ [1]
IMPROVEMENTS * Extended issue search filter * By projects * By status * By type * Using JQL * Recent issues - a new tab on the left-hand side that displays recently used issues * Minor UI changes
BUGS FIXED * Error when starting Ceptah Worklog on a clean machine where an older version of the program was not installed before.
IMPROVEMENTS * A new option called "Check if writable" was introduced on the Settings -> Connection tab. If the option is on and JIRA is online, the program check if an issue is writable (e.g. not closed) before logging any work against it. The option...
BUGS FIXED * The application could crash on start-up with the following error: "There was an error deserializing the object of type Ceptah.Worklog.Jira.FilterParameters. The data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.". The version 1.3.1 c...
IMPROVEMENTS * Only a single copy of the program can be running at a time. If Ceptah Worklog is already started, clicking the shortcut in the menu simply brings it up instead of opening a second window. * Minor UI changes. * Entering the user nam...
NEW FEATURES * Automatic time tracking. You can start and stop the timer for the current task. Once the timer is stopped, the effort will be recorded in JIRA. * Away time detection. Ceptah Worklog detects the time intervals when the computer is not...
NEW FEATURES * Local timesheet reports.
NEW FEATURES * Using JIRA filters for selecting server tasks. BUGS FIXED * Removed the 256 characters limit on the worklog entry comment.
IMPROVEMENTS * When a JIRA filter is used, the issues are presented in the order defined by the filter. BUGS FIXED * An error when building reports for issues that do not have version information.
BUGS FIXED * Deleted worklog entries were displayed in the time sheet report. * Errors in reports: sometimes some days were not included.
BUGS FIXED * Error when downloading data from JIRA for reporting.
NEW FEAURES * Proxy server support (in connection settings). BUGS FIXED * Error when selecting a project that has a key that matches a JQL keyword, e.g. OR, in the issue filter.
IMPROVEMENTS * The REST API is used to connect to JIRA. The deprecated SOAP API, which is used by the previous Ceptah Worklog versions, will be soon removed from JIRA 7 and JIRA OnDemand.
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