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Ceptah Bridge 3.0 has been released
08 October 2015 10:00 AM

New Features

  1. Running user-defined macros (VBA subs) at different stages of synchronisation and import.

  2. Ranking issues (in JIRA Agile).

  3. Synchronisation of the Created and Updated fields.

  4. An option to preserve time tracking data in MS Project up to a particular day. The feature is useful if there are already some actual hours and you do not want them to be erased during synchronisation.

  5. The ability to skip first n parents from the top when composing an issue name based on the path to the task.


  1. Support for the Rank field (read-only) in the Custom Field Mappings.

  2. The ability to leave the password field blank in the connection settings, in which case the password is not stored anywhere and the user is prompted to enter it whenever required.

  3. The ability to subtract the Work of the nested tasks from the Work of the published task when creating an issue.

  4. Optional Priority mapping.

  5. Sorting changes in the main synchronisation window by various columns.

  6. When the main synchronisation window is closed and then re-opened, its last size and position is restored.

  7. An option to always use basic authentication when connecting to JIRA. By default, Ceptah Bridge uses cookies authentication.

  8. Support for the CA Site Minder Proxy Server.

Bugs fixed

  1. A workaround for a JIRA defect - it may return sub-tasks in an invalid order, which resulted in the wrong order of imported sub-tasks.

  2. Ignore skipped parent tasks when synchronising issue links.

  3. The "Close Issues" feature produced an error when it was used with JIRA 5 if the issue being closed had Due Date specified.

  4. An unfriendly error message when creating a sub-task issue based on a task that had a parent that was marked with SKIP.

  5. An error when creating issue if the Time Tracking field was mandatory in JIRA and the task Work was 0.

  6. Support for custom JIRA fields that have round brackets in their name.

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Ceptah Bridge 2.9 has been released
30 September 2014 02:34 PM

New features

  1. New sub-task mapping, that can be applied to particular issue types.
  2. New epic Link mapping, that can be applied to particular issue types and task outline levels.
  3. The ability to set Epic Name for Epics to the Summary value.
  4. The ability to apply issue link mappings to particular issue types and task outline levels.
  5. The option to delete tasks that are linked to issues that do not longer exist.
  6. Offline activation.
  7. Activation using the command-line tool.


  1.       The ability to synchronise Project Server projects using the command-line tool. The project name should be formatted as '<>\project name'.

Bugs fixed

  1. Some fields could not be synchronised in JIRA 5 or earlier when connecting through a proxy server.
  2. "Method not found: 'System.Object Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Jtoken.ToObject(System.Type)'" error on some systems.

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Ceptah Bridge 2.4 has been released
16 January 2014 03:09 PM

Ceptah Bridge 2.4 has been released. Please see the Relase Notes for more details.

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Ceptah Bridge 2.2 has been released
15 December 2012 12:33 PM
Ceptah Bridge 2.2 has been released. Please see the Relase Notes for more details.
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Ceptah Bridge 2.1.2 has been released. Please see the Relase Notes for more details.
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